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What's an Independent Agency?

An Independent Agency represents many different Insurance Companies as an independent contractor. By having many different Insurer's to choose from, Independent Agencies are free to compare rates and coverages offered from all of the different Insurers that they contract with. This allows us to save you money and many times help you get you more coverage for your money!

Sounds great right? The benefits don't stop with your purse though... as a matter of fact, what you read below may be an even bigger benefit for you than saving money!


There are two different types of Agencies; Independent and Captive (aka Direct).

Captive Agencies are employed by and work directly for the Insurance company they represent (usually restricted to just that one company too).

Independent Agencies are employed by and work directly for their clientele.


How is that a benefit? Imagine for a moment that an Automobile accident has occurred and you need to discuss your claim; who would you rather help you with it? A person that works for you, or a person that works for the company that's about to spend money on your claim? Which one do you think will fight the hardest for you? Which is much more likely to put your interest above that of an Insurance company? Who the employer is makes all the difference!